Letv Smart Bike AH-1

Earlier it was announced that Letv would be the first company to produce a smartphone that would come powered by the highly anticipated Snapdragon 820 processor from Qualcomm. Letv doesn’t just make smartphones, though, they also make other kinds of tech and consumer electronics, like the Smart Cycle which they aim to have on sale in India by sometime in 2016. Sadly there were no specific dates given on a launch, but they did state 2016.

Unfortunately, there is also no information on pricing or exact region availability outside of India. Letv has mentioned that they will be ready to share those details later this month at an event on January 20th. Although there aren’t any actual details on hardware or specs, the Smart Cycle will come equipped with a number of smart features and an integrated display that is fashioned into the handlebar. Using the display cyclists can view routes for navigation, and a series of other buttons located on the frame suggests the Cycle will have an embedded camera for taking pictures, as well as a button for the headlamp. There are also a few buttons on the handlebars which appear to be for music control. For now, you can check out the gallery of images on theSmart Cycle that we picked up from our hands-on time with it during CES.

Letv Smart Bike AH-2 Letv Smart Bike AH-3 Letv Smart Bike AH-4 Letv Smart Bike AH-5

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