A lightweight utility panel for fast and efficient level building.

update: v1.0.1: Added Smart RigidBody(2D / 3D) , offset on all axis button, shortcuts

14 (3D / 2D independent) Selection based tools for rapid and efficient development, level creation or structural / hierarchy purposes.

Handy Tools works seamless with your regular Unity workflow.

Each step can be undone.

More features and alternative icon based layout will be added soon.

(See Documentation link below — The documentation can also be found in the package)


Handy Tools demonstration video ( YouTube )

Handy Tools Features:

Each tool works with one or multiple selections and can be undone.

— Shortcuts

— Create parent holders

— Parent selection
(to last created parent)
— Release selection from parent

— Rename selection
Options: add incremental index / reset the index

— Group selection
Options: use current root / parent.

— Toggle static / active states

— Set Tags / Layers
(Ability to create tags / layers from the dropdown)
— Quick Reset (editable settings) per P/ S / R or a full reset.

— Delete Selection

— Create Smart RigidBody (2D / 3D independent) — Offset Tools:
Options: Random offset: (offset modes: Random (incremental offset from current position, random offset based on values from current position). Use negative values, duplicate gameObject, offset / 2.

— Rotation Tools:
Options: Rotation mode: (Incremental rotation, random rotation, random snap rotation) Toggle clockwise rotation.

— Scale Tools:
Options: Scale mode: (Normal Scale - Resize, Random Scale, Random Uniform Scale, Flip Axis)

— Drop to Floor / Stick To ceiling
Options: Volumetric Objects (versus flat Planes / Quads / Sprites). Facing mode: Scaled Y-Axis, Rotated Z-Axis, Default)

— Tiled Layout Tools:
Options: Custom name, Display Grid size on Parent, amount of tiles (X,Y (as levels), Z)

— Snap to Grid: (need to be enabled)
Options: Snap X-Axis, Snap Y-Axis, Snap Z-Axis, Snap All Axis. More tools and helpers will come soon in the next updates. Alongside a Icon based Handy Tools version for better screen estate.

Documentation: Handy Tools Documentation PDF (3.6mb)

Hope you enjoy this package!

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