I love getting happy mail, little surprises stuffed inside an envelope that you weren’t expecting… But who doesn’t right? Happy mail is so right every day of the week.

Happy happy Mail and bonus postcard from Kat

I missed the day light today to take photos of my pile of Postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap (yes, you can still join – as long as the sign in button is up!) today, so I’ll have to wait and blog about the continuation of my pile another day.

But we can still talk about happy mail, right? Because I want to share what I got in the last swap, from Kat. It was a bonus postcard (because I’m the hostess) in an envelope – and some little papery gifts… just for me!

Bonus content for swap hostess iHanna in the DIY Postcard Swap

The envelope itself made me happy, decorated with stickers and washi tape and the most adorable quilt postage stamp. You can be very sure I’m saving all of this as well as what was inside. I’m the Editor in Chief of a Quilting magazine after all, so quilting will always have a special place in my heart.

Quilt designs - Postal Stamps from the US

Then there was all this. You really can put so much fun stuff in just one little flat envelope, right? Things that will delight any paper and stationary addict (like me), collage artist (me!) or sticker collector (meeee!).

I got folded origami hearts, pretty envelopes, sticker sheets, loads of cat images (love!) and a yummy little washi tape sampler (according to my own teachings, haha). Just looking at these images that I took after the spring swap makes me want to go write and use stickers in my journal right now. And that big cat sticker – totally adorbs!

Bonus content for swap hostess iHanna in the DIY Postcard Swap

Bonus content for swap hostess iHanna in the DIY Postcard Swap

And yes, I also got a beautiful spring green dress to wear to special occations…

DIY Postcard made by Kat for iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap Spring 2019

Isn’t it all very pretty and wonderful? So little and such joy it brings. And like I said, today is the last day to join the fall 2019 DIY Postcard Swap to get some happy mail yourself.

I like to send my postcards without envelope, but if you are using one – why not include a few paper gifts in your happy mail as well? At least I know I appreciate things like this a lot.


Make someone happy – send happy mail! Because Snail mail is SO RIGHT every day of the week. Right?
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