Congratulations, if you watched Game of Thrones starting with its very first episode, because that means you’re old. The show version of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga bowed on HBO on April 17, 2011. A lot has happened since then, if maybe not in the author’s version of Westeros. It’s been so long since it first started airing that Martin only released one new book in the series, and soon after the first season ended, no less. (And there’s no real end in sight for the perpetually AWOL Winds of Winter.) But the show was such a big deal that, to celebrate its 10th birthday, its home network is celebrating for a full month.

As per Entertainment Weekly, starting now, HBO is kicking off what it’s calling “The Iron Anniversary” – an epic mix of new behind-the-scenes documentaries, fan-favorite episodes, giveaways, and other revelries that will be found on HBO Max. The crown jewel comes on April 10, when HBO 2 will go whole hog with a “#MaraThone, airing all 10 episodes from the first season starting at 10am.

The shindigs can be found on HBO Max’s Game of Thrones Spotlight page, which features the above features, as well as a function that points viewers in the direction of other fine HBO programs, such as His Dark Materials and Watchmen. Those are both much-loved shows, but not even Watchmen could come close to the seismic superstardom of Game of Thrones. Then again, people did the opposite of complaining about that one’s capper, didn’t they?

(Via EW)