Nonprofit Leverages Technology to Provide Free Access to Academy

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Health4TheWorld
(H4TW), an award-winning nonprofit organization leveraging technology to
address global health problems, today announced the launch of Health4TheWorld
– a free, education platform for health professionals in
low-resource settings worldwide.

“Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in remote,
under-resourced regions of the world lack ready access to up-to-date
medical information to provide evidence based care and save lives of
their patients,” explained Bhavya Rehani, MD, Co-founder, CEO of H4TW
and a UCSF neuroradiologist. “There is a need for a reliable, free, open
access resource for health professionals.
provides open free 24/7 access to state-of-the-art medical data from
leading specialists.”

The H4TW Academy offers 100 plus courses in multiple specialties by
distinguished faculty from renowned academic institutions. It gives
health professionals access to a performance monitoring dashboard,
certificates, virtual reality anatomy modules, machine learning chatbots
and forums for discussion with a global community.

“I see a growing need for this platform, particularly in low-income
regions of the world where specialists aren’t in attendance and one
doctor wears many hats,” says Dr. Lekhjung Thapa, Chief of Neurology,
National Institute of Neurological Sciences, Nepal. “I’m thrilled to
have the opportunity to learn from leading doctors and I see the
positive impact on patients.”

H4TW co-founder and UCSF neuroradiologist William Dillon, MD, believes
that “using the current wide availability of internet connectivity
throughout much of the world and new innovative technological resources,
H4TW is able to help patients and their health care providers in
countries far and wide, both developing and developed, without

“Our vision is bring health to rural and remote areas globally, by
empowering those who are championing the cause on the ground and the
Academy platform is a big step in that direction,” says Ankur Bharija,
MD, co-founder and a Stanford Medicine faculty.

Since January 1, 2017, H4TW has touched more than 3,500 lives in remote
communities across 22 countries.

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About Health4TheWorld

Health4TheWorld, is a Federal Tax-exempt Nonprofit Organization (501c3)
and a 100% volunteer-driven organization offering all services
free-of-cost. 100% of public donations go towards the program
development and outreach, while the indirect costs are covered by the


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