hearthstone forged in the barrens key art bannerHearthstone players will be getting a set of new cards to play with when the Forged in the Barrens expansion comes out later this month. The set will contain 135 new cards which Blizzard Entertainment will be revealing over the next few days through a series of Theorycrafting livestreams and contests on YouTube and Twitch.

The days leading up to the expansion’s release will also be chockfull of virtual events and streams starting on March 22 at 10am PST when the devs will be revealing the final set of cards in the expansion. A Theorycrafting stream is also scheduled for the next day, March 23 at 9am PST which will showcase Hearthstone streamers and their contest-winning decks that use at least 10 of the new Forged in the Barrens cards. Mega Bundle Giveaways and Gifted Subs will also be given out from March 24 through March 27.

“It’s time to celebrate this amazing community and the launch of Forged in the Barrens on March 30 with another Pre-Launch Party! In the lead up to expansion launch will be giving away over 500 Mega Bundle codes, gifting a ton of Twitch subscriptions in Hearthstone Creator channels, and having those creators play community submitted decklists during Theorycrafting Livestreams!”

Finally, the developers will be hosting a private virtual Fireside Gathering pre-prelease weekend from March 26-29 which will give registered players a chance to open Forged in the Barrens card packs before the expansion’s release on March 30. They will also be able to participate in specially-designed Fireside Brawls featuring the new cards during the pre-release weekend.

In the Forged in the Barrens No Cards Barred! Brawl, you’ll be able to construct decks using the cards that you open during the Pre-Release event. There are no restrictions on class or duplicates, so go crazy!

We’ve also got A Recipe for Tenacity, a pre-constructed Brawl that will include new deck recipes from the upcoming set for you to play with. You won’t need to have pre-purchased packs to play this Brawl.

Additional details can be found on the Hearthstone official site.

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