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A complete set of 51 professionally animated, heavy fighting animations make a perfect addition to add a new character to your fighting game, use as a kung-fu type enemy in any combat melee game, or just as extra animations for your library.

Bonus: Added free Heavy Fighter character!

Character is setup with Mecanim’s Humanoid configuration so you can easily swap your own characters in, and it also has support for full 5 finger hands to accommodate high detail models. The provided Animation Controller is clean and concise, or just plug the animations into your existing setup.

- 51 High quality animations, with more added upon request.

- Full Mecanim Humanoid Skeleton with full 5 finger hand support

- Clean concise Animator Controller ready to hook into you code

- Stationary versions of translating animations for use with Ultimate Fighting Engine and other similar implementation approaches.

- Part of the Fighter Pack Bundle and compatible with our other Warrior and Fighter Packs available.

Link to Webplayer Demo

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Update v1.9: Added requested BlockBreak animation.

Update v1.8: Added requested RollForward and RollBackward animations.

Update v1.7: Added requested DashLeft and DashRight animations, and WalkSlow animation.

Update v1.6: Added requested Walk Right and Left animations.

Update v1.5: Add bonus Heavy Fighter character

Update v1.4: Add Run animation.

Update v1.3: Added _S stationary versions of any animations in which there is character translation for UFE and other fighting engine systems.

Update v1.6: Added requested Revive animation.

Update v1.6: Fixed issue when combing assets with other assets from Fighting Packs.

Price $34.99