Helluva Boss Striker Voice Actor In Episode 5 Explained - Is it Norman Reedus

Helluva Boss Season 1 Episode 5 aired on YouTube a few hours back, and fans loved everything about the latest episode. However, after watching Episode 5, fans want to know who exactly is behind Striker’s voice. Well, we have the answer you’re looking for.

Vivienne Medrano’s Helluva Boss is an American adult animated web series. Interestingly, this web series takes place in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel. However, it features several new characters along with an amazing storyline.

The latest Helluva Boss episode featured Striker, a hitman hired by Stella. Of course, this character was in the spotlight for the entire episode. But what most fans don’t know is that Striker’s voice actor in Helluva Boss is as amazing as the character.

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Helluva Boss Striker Voice Actor

Interestingly, Striker’s voice actor in Helluva Boss S1 Episode 5 is indeed Norman Mark Reedus.

Normal Reedus fans may have recognized his voice during the episode. However, not everyone was sure about it; that’s why creators confirmed Reedus as Striker’s voice actor in episode 5’s closing credits.

Who is Norman Reedus?

For those who don’t know, Norman Reedus is a popular American actor famous for his role as Daryl Dixon in AMC’s The Walking Dead. The actor also appeared in movies like 2002’s Blade 2, Deuces Wild, and The Boondock Saints. Other than that, Reedus made headlines after providing motion capture for the Death Stranding video game.

More About Helluva Boss

The Helluva Boss is a musical black comedy series that features characters and societies that exist in Hell. It basically revolves around Blitzo’s assassination company, I.M.P (Immediate Murder Professionals).

In Hell, Imps takes the lowest possible spot in society. However, through an assassination startup, Blitzo tries to survive along with his family. And thanks to Moxxie, Millie, Hellhound, and an ancient book, Blitzo somehow keeps his killing business afloat.

You can watch the Helluva Boss web series exclusively on Vivziepop’s official YouTube Channel. Also, the latest episode, The Harvest Moon Festival, is now live for you to enjoy.

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