Some kind of sorcery from Yifan Lu’s end has made PSN spoofing work again after breaking in late November. This happened because of the 3.63 firmware update that brought us ‘improvements in system quality’  or the breaking of PSN spoofing in layman’s terms.


What’s taiHEN?

TaiHEN is a framework for the PSVita that lets you use various homebrew, plugins, hacks and also allows you to use PSN on 3.60 now. taiHEN has been what started off the PSVita’s homebrew scene and made the PSVita a worthy purchase for all homebrew-lovers out there. Thanks to Team Molecule, we can use our PSVita in ways Sony didn’t want us to.

HENkaku settings in MolecularShell you must change


What changed in taiHEN r8?

The biggest feature is PSN spoofing without a doubt! After months, you may now access PSN apps and of course the PSN store works. You can install a PSP demo or whatever you wish, until it lasts that is. You must change the spoofed version to 3.63 in MolecularShell for it to work. For me, it didn’t work immediately but it worked after 3 reboots and pressing “Restore to Default Settings”; don’t know which one fixed it but it did.

The changelog:

  • PSN spoofing works again for 3.63 (it will be fixed in the next firmware, so use it while you can!). Make sure your spoof version is set to 3.63. You can also disable PSN spoofing in molecularShell settings menu.
  • First boot of molecularShell will alert the user to unsafe homebrew and how to enable it.


Make sure you log in PSN and get what ya need as soon as possible because it may not last long. Make sure to backup anything you get to QCMA as not to lose it.


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