If you missed out on stocking up that Pile of Shame just before Christmas, there’s still plenty of great deals going around. The best gaming deals this week include Jedi: Fallen Order on PS4. There’s the excellent Crying Suns for free, and bargains on Watch Dogs: Legion, the superb Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Metro Exodus and a ton more.

Let’s start with Metro Exodus, a game that I had a blast with back in 2019. It’s gotten an astonishingly good bit of DLC since then — Sam’s Story and The Two Colonels, although Sam’s Story is by far and away the highlight — although the base game is available today for $23 from Fanatical. The Fanatical key unlocks the game on Steam, not the Epic store, and if you want the Gold edition it’ll cost you $32.28.

Here’s a snippet of our review from the base game: 

It’s not accurate to call Metro Exodus an open-world game, per se. It’s certainly a game with a large world. And parts of that world, undoubtedly, are rather open. An early expedition in the beginning of the game – I’m avoiding spoilers, don’t worry – tasks you with heading towards a port. You can do so on foot, but you risk the attention of the many mutants nearby. They can be avoided by taking a boat, but Jaws-like creatures inhabit the water, too.

To make matters worse, there’s the time of day. Wait for the sun to fall and you’ll face fewer bandits. But the mutant beasts like to roam at night, as do what you’re told are the “demons of electricity”.

But whatever your penchant for a fight, it’s always reliant on how careful you’ve been beforehand. The game’s crafting economy means there’s a cost to every bullet fired, every smudge on the gas mask, every inch of damage taken, every gas filter used.

And the worst part, when you realise that you’ll probably end up fighting bandits and mutants no matter the time of day?

Exodus doesn’t reward you for winning a fight. At least not in the traditional sense, with endless backpacks and a healthy resupply of ammo.

Survival is your reward in this forsaken wasteland, and you should be grateful that you’re getting that much.

Image: Jedi Fallen Order

So that’s pretty good. Next big deal going around? Jedi: Fallen Order, available this week on consoles for $29 via Amazon. Here’s the Xbox One version if you want that, although the deal is really for PlayStation users since Fallen Order is on Game Pass these days.

For those on the fence with Respawn’s Star Wars outing, here’s our recap of the game’s Steam Reviews from its launch. “Basically Sekiro with glowsticks” is still my favourite.

Amazon’s got some other solid bargains today too: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for $29, Watch Dogs Legion for $57 for both PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, The Division 2 for $10 (although playing that this week might be a bit disconcerting for some), Hot Pursuit Remastered for $34, Far Cry 5 for $20, and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint for $12. Click here for the full list.

Over on the Epic Games Store, there’s Crying Suns for the grand price of nothing. Great tactical indie to grab if you want to scratch that sci-fi itch with some strong Foundation or Dune inklings. Keep an eye on Epic next week too: Battlefront 2 will be free there.

On Humble Bundle, the outstanding NieR Automata GOTY Edition is going for a very reasonable $23.75. I really like Final Fantasy XV for $21.97 as well, and I think people’s appetites towards FFXV might be substantially different now given the experience everyone’s had with the revamped battle system in FF7 Remake.

For those after something a bit more retro, GOG has a very good deal on the point-and-click classic Sanitarium for $4.09. But if you want horror with a slightly more modern flavour, Indiegala has a 20% discount on GTFOone of my games of 2020 — to roughly $36 (depending on the foreign currency conversion through your payment provider/bank).

What other best gaming deals have you seen around this week? Let us know in the comments!

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