Jason Winkler, co-founder of two thriving Denver-based coworking centers, Industry and Battery 621, is using his experience and success to grow and expand his business model.

His latest project, Stride, also located in Denver, fits a niche model that Winkler refers to as a “mash up” of start-ups serving compatible industries, located in the same building and sharing common amenities, such as kitchen and office services. Sound familiar? While on the surface it may seem little more than another flavor of business center, beneath the exterior lies a group of people on a mission in an industry that is attracting interest and talent.

Stride, scheduled to start pre-leasing this Fall, will house start-up businesses in the health-technology industry. This is a growing industry, being nurtured along by some heavy hitters, such a Winkler’s partner in the Stride project, Mike Biselli of Prime Health Collaborative. Health technology, in case you’re wondering, is described by Prime Health Collaborative as “focused on improving health care through commercialization of emerging technologies.”

Now that we are seeing what is undoubtedly the first startup ‘mash up’ coworking space created for and run by companies in the health technology sector, we are left to contemplate if this is yet another example of emerging coworking and serviced office space super niches starting to proliferate the industry.

As to the “mission” part of the story, it is anything but frivolous. According to Biselli, the goal is clear. “We want to catalyze Colorado’s position as one of the top ecosystems in the nation for health care innovation,” Biselli was quoted as saying in an interview with the Denver Business Journal. “We want to provide the hardware infrastructure for the software programming of innovation leaders.”

How are traditional business center owners and operators responding? Taking notes, we hope. These planned coworking communities are growing in numbers and prestige, helping to bring some innovative new industries into the mainstream. Worth keeping our eyes on.