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How Can OLPORTAL Overhaul the Logistics Industry

Supply chains are getting increasingly complex in the world today. And it is for this reason technology and information form a major part in handling, monitoring, and maintaining the managerial efficiency of the logistics sector. It is also for this reason that the cost back end informational processes are increasing at a very fast rate. And to reduce these increasing overheads, technology is being used to increasingly automate many of these functions, especially through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Its most common uses are for the management of databases in real-time, and single-step decisions on the basis of all these data collected through various monitoring systems. This can reduce costs and increase efficiency in many processes in the logistics industry. Warehouse and Inventory Management, Transportation Management, Foreign Language Decoding for International Consignments, and also Customer Response are some of the areas in which AI has been most successfully and effectively used. And in some of these areas, conversational AI systems have also made their mark.

While, customer response has been very obviously carried out through the use of conversational AI systems in many industries, with increasing outsourcing of transportation processes, the transportation management functioning is increasingly becoming reliant on conversational AI systems as well. Especially in the case of driver-partners in the on-road last-mile connection services, these AI systems become the most useful.

And often these AI systems do much more than merely helping delivery personnel keep track of the packages, like suggesting routes for timely delivery, time reminders or target reminders, getting or sending notifications about potential delays, or some other problems with the companies. These AI systems can also reduce the interaction between the drivers and the receivers of deliveries. Integrated with GPS, online chatbots can provide real-time updates about their deliveries.

However, these integrated systems generally receive data about customers and drivers and can become a threat to the users’ data. Moreover, because of being on a single system the chatbots might lack any level of customizability as per the needs of the user, this not only leads to the discomfort of individual users but in the case of driver partners and other moving staff, it can lead to operational inefficiency.

Apart from these internal issues, there are also issues of access and integration. Different sections from within the logistics industry cannot freely integrate through these bots as they are centralized and owned by particular companies, and therefore are available only to the employees or direct partners of these companies, making it impossible for newer innovative business models to arise. We can see how blockchain-based decentralized systems can help in solving these problems through the structure of OLPORTAL.

Relevant Features of OLPORTAL

OLPORTAL is a blockchain-based decentralized platform for AI neurobots. It provides an online market place on which developers can advertise their bots with certain features. These bots are pre-trained and also come along with the function of manual training along the process of use. Moreover, these bots can be integrated into other messengers for helping the users to easily train the system about their conversational styles.

Moreover, the platform works with a digital currency, which makes seamless transactions possible across borders.

Will OLPORTAL Benefit the Logistics Industry?

If OLPORTAL is used in the logistics industry it can benefit it in several ways.

Firstly, being on a blockchain there will be greater security for the data of all the stakeholders. Secondly, as the chatbots allow training by the users they can become more adjusted to the needs of each user, at whatever position of the supply chain they are standing on. Thirdly, the blockchain system with its digital tokens will allow a more stable and seamless form of transaction compared to fiat, making it ideal for international supply chains. And finally being a decentralized online market place different stakeholders can come together using different systems to bring about novel and flexible business dynamics which is impossible while using centralized systems.

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