DOES18 Las Vegas — Growth by acquisition has long been a strategy for AGCO. While successful for the business as a whole, that growth created challenges for their digital transformation. A dozen globally-dispersed groups were used to doing things their own way and were resistant to change. They lacked a common language and process for doing software releases, starting at the build stage. This talk will illustrate how AGCO: Used communication and visibility to break down silos and share best practices and how to get disparate groups to want to come on board to the common processes.

How Common Processes and Communication Helped AGCO Grow

Erik Maziarz, IT Systems Administrator II, AGCO

Erik Maziarz is an IT System Administrator and Technical Lead at the AGCO Corporation. He is responsible for managing the common software development environment, custom development efforts, and business process integration for a suite of applications used to facilitate the global Electronic Engineering and Software development teams. He started out as an enlisted member of the United States Air Force before transitioning to software development at UPS and eventually landing at AGCO.

Erik has been the project manager of a multi-phase project at AGCO to introduce a common continuous integration and deployment environment to multiple engineering sites at AGCO's global engineering sites.

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