Being an Indian, Education has always played its part in my life since the very beginning. Though it may be for good or bad, education always pooped in every time. But to be honest, most of the time everything that I have learnt since my kinder-garden has never helped me in my real life in fact it always created hurdles in my life and made it more difficult. Traditional Education system never provoked or motivated the creativity that I had instead it always killed my self confidence with the irrelevant examinations and unused theoretical formulas that just went out of my mind the very day I left my school.

But then, I received one more chance to waste some more time of my life by spending it in college. Being a so called topper, my family forced me to join Science Stream — another chaotic decision of my life. Well to be honest I just went for some 15 days to a college in my 12th grade and managed to clear my board exams, I still thank some super natural power for the miracle and wonder for hours that how was I even able to pass my exam? Well let by gone be by gone. I loved the Indian Education so much that I decided to give it a one more shot by joining IIT coaching institution, and here I was draining my parent’s hard earned money in learning some of the most useless equations that will never help me in my life. I didn’t had any interest in joining country’s so called “Elite Institutions”, I was just their for killing my time which I could have used somewhere more productively. But, it was not me who was useless it was the so called genius education system. Why would I even blame myself when I was taught to just go to school to secure good grades and then get a well paying job. Apart from my hatred for the education system, I loved computers, I used to dream in code and live in design. Code and Design were the most important part of my life. If I look back I could connect the dots that, I just went to school and college only for Computer Lectures which were kind of boring but then I used to get my hands on those machines to try out something cool.

Weber State University

Well enough of blaming Indian Education system. Let’s talk about a new country that even worsened my life — The United States of America. Wow, what a fantastic name this country has. After experiencing lots of ups and downs in India, I decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree in the US. For me it was like a dream come true, but before that came some strict rigorous hours of preparations. I had to appear for Standardised Aptitude Test and even get good grades on the same. It was like my Visa to get to the states. Ultimately, I cleared my SAT’s and I was all set to experience the Great American Dream…

The first day went well at my University. I had chance to met some of the most interesting people from all over the globe and I even befriended some of them. But then I started to compare the American Education with my favourite Indian Education and to my amusement their were no differences between the two. I would compare both education system to a great motivational speaker who looted millions of money by showing some golden dreams to common people. It was like a mirage in the desert. I had one unanswered question in my heart and mind, “Why do I need to study Physics and Chemistry if my interest lied in Computers ?”. Education promised me a better life but all that I ever received were huge debts and some report cards which actually are of no use to a person who wants to create his own world. Few years passed by and now I was bored with the university professors and all those lectures in the snowy mornings. I just don’t get it, why do we pretend to go to colleges when we can learn everything online for free of cost. Internet is a blessing in disguise that provides us everything for free. We can learn from the best professors in the world by seating at any corner of the world by using platforms like Edx, Udemy, Udacity, Youtube and many more. Why do we need a piece of paper to showcase our skills when we can just practically create cool stuff and make world a better place. I made my mind to quite my formal education and work on something of my own. I was damn confident as it was pre-decided that whatever may happen, I will never work for someone else, so a piece of paper which costed millions was almost useless for me. In fact, I could use those millions in learning something that I was interested in and work on my own projects.

Tinker Bot Labs (A dream which I am living everyday)

Within next few months, I was back to India living my dream of working at my own company and creating impact every single day. No deadlines, no punishments, no fees just learning. Starting up my own company has helped me to learn things that 16 years of my formal education failed to teach me despited of paying millions. When I look back and calculate, I almost saved 2 Millions in fact I looted 2 Millions from my University by dropping out of college.

As Mark Twain has rightly said, “Never let schooling Interfere with your Education”…


Overview about Tinker Bot: It is an AI based Chatbot that helps to learn new and interesting things over facebook messenger by chatting with it. We are also working on our very own native app that will ease the way students learn new things.

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