Gender-diverse organizations are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability than their less-diverse peers, according to Mckinsey: Delivering Through Diversity. In addition, Catalyst and McKinsey each studied how gender diversity at senior levels impacts the financial performance of major organizations. In essence, women board directors and women in senior leadership are connected with better financial performance.

AppExchange is working to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive partner ecosystem that reflects the communities in which we live and do business. As part of our vision, we introduced pages to honor and promote diverse partners in the Salesforce ecosystem, starting with Black-owned businesses. And today, we’re proud to launch Women-Owned and Founded Businesses on AppExchange.

The Women-Owned and Founded Businesses on AppExchange include North American app builders (ISVs) and consultants, giving you ways to invest in underrepresented communities, and support gender equality and justice. Hear from some of the women-owned and founded businesses at this recent LinkedIn Live session, celebrating Women’s History Month.

Because these women-owned and founded businesses have built many apps and consultancies, we created categories based on their technology or area of expertise. Let’s come together to celebrate and support these companies.

IT & Admin Apps

Admin apps offer fresh new ways to boost productivity and help you and all Salesforce users feel organized and motivated.

Sales Apps

With AppExchange, you can rapidly deploy apps to drive sales rep productivity, connect your sales processes, and activate business growth from anywhere.

Productivity & Collaboration Apps

Productivity apps help improve the response to inefficiencies by helping you work smarter, and help your team to do the same. Collaboration apps enable companies to automate processes and bring teams together. Accelerate the sales cycles and optimize organizational efficiency — all from within Salesforce.

Industry-Specific Apps

Every industry has its own unique needs. Here are a few industry-specific apps to extend your Salesforce org.


Consultants offer strategic guidance, deep technical skills, relevant industry expertise, project implementations, the handling of integrations and migrations, and much, much more.

If you are a Salesforce Partner who is passionate about diversity and inclusivity, join the conversation in the Partner Diversity & Inclusion Collaboration Group in the Partner Community (login required).

Currently, our diversity data outreach and collection is focused on North America. We are evaluating our strategy for the collection of such data globally so that we can highlight diverse-owned and founded businesses worldwide.

Throughout the year, we will update AppExchange to highlight partners from other underrepresented groups. You can also access these businesses on AppExchange through the new navigation feature on the AppExchange homepage.

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