How to Create Your Own Push-Notifications
How to Create Your Own Push-Notifications

Moderator mrbruan strikes again! "Today we will create our own pushes for our own campaigns. So, you will collect users and if you're running a good amount of traffic, you will have a big base of users that you can monetize! And it will be already free traffic!"

Wakeboarder Trying to Get Some POP Working

Member wakeboarder was about to give up on running sweepstakes offers on pop traffic, but 2 weeks later made a big come back to break into 3-figures/day in profit!

Desktop POP Traffic + Pin Submit

With most affiliates having flocked to mobile in the last few years, the prices of desktop traffic has come down! Member adserk is taking advantage of this successfully - and very generously shares a simple script that according to his results can increase conversion rates on desktop traffic by 2-3 times!

How Not to Give Up on Affiliate Marketing Before You Actually Master It?

And "oldie but goodie" post by the legendary Matuloo - this is a must-read post for all members! It has received a whopping 158 thanks to date, so you KNOW it's valuable.