MSI Afterburner is an excellent program for video cards, not only cards by MSI, that can best be described as an overlocking/underclocking utility for Windows with extra features baked into the application.

My first review of MSI Afterburner dates back to 2010, followed by a tutorial in 2011 on recording game video using the software. While many MSI Afterburner users use the software to get more out of their video cards, I liked its ability to create fan profiles to reduce the noise emitted by the video card's fans.

If you have been to the MSI Afterburner website lately, you may have noticed that you cannot download the program anymore. There is a download link, but clicking on it does nothing. I tried it in different browsers and even on different systems, and the result was always disappointing.

Technically speaking, MSI is linking to a ZIP file that no longer exists on the linked page. You can verify that by checking the source of the page and searching for "zip". You find the download link but when you load it manually, you get a file not found error. The page needs to be updated, but since that has not happened for quite some time, it is unlikely that it is going to happen anytime soon.

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There is a way to download MSI Afterburner from the official site. You can also check out downloads on third-party sites, but if you prefer to download from an official site, this is what you may do.

Download MSI Afterburner for Windows

msi afterburner

While the download is broken on MSI Afterburner's main site, it is not broken on another official MSI site. Your best bet is to use that site instead of the official site to download the latest stable version or beta of MSI Afterburner. Here is how that is done:

  1. Load in your browser of choice. It is the German landing page of the program. Unlike the English version, it is listing direct download links that actually work. The downloaded program is in English, but you can switch to another language in the settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the MSI Afterburner download sections.
  3. Select the download button of the stable version or the beta version. The official ZIP file is downloaded.
  4. Extract the zip archive on your system and run the installer.

MSI Afterburner is installed on the device and you can start using the software.

Closing Words

The design of the official MSI Afterburner download page is a good example of how a download page should not be designed. The resource-intensive page with its custom cursor is one thing, breaking the download link is another.

Now You: have you used MSI Afterburner in the past?

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