Your closet is the opposite of aesthetic. On the top shelf, sweatpants are thrown into uneven piles, shoeboxes are stacked to the ceiling, and bins of winter clothes are stored in plain sight. Below, your favorite cardigans hang on hangers of different colors and materials. Truthfully, it's hard to see what your outfit options really are, which is why you need this guide on how to make your closet look like a boutique.

You don't need to call in a professional organizer or the interior design-loving friend in your circle to fix up your closet. You can make your closet look like a boutique with just a few tricks and products under $50. To start, "unpack" your shelves, and decide on what you want to keep, sell, or donate. During this process, be honest with yourself and don't keep anything that you won't *actually* wear.

The next step is to start putting items back into your closet, making sure to keep any piles small and your most-worn items front and center. This is essential to maintaining your little boutique, even on those days when you say, "I don't have anything to wear!" Put your clothes on matching, streamlined hangers, and make use of stylish baskets, hooks, and catchall trays.

Boutiques look aesthetic AF because they're organized, styled, and stick to a single color scheme. For more tips, here's our carefully curated list of trendy products under $50 that will help make your closet look like a boutique:

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1. Put Your Clothes On Matching Hangers

BUMERANG Hanger, Natural, 8-pack

To bring your closet from boring to boutique, you'll want to hang your clothes on matching, neutral hangers. In doing so, your clothes will stand out, and you'll find that it's easier to pick out an #OOTD. Simple wood hangers ($5, IKEA) will look casual and inviting, but you can also opt for white or black hangers if they match your color scheme more.

2. Add A Scented Candle To Your Shelf


Depending on the layout of your closet, you may have a shelf you can style with candles, books, and trays. Instead of piling sweaters on this shelf, make it a spot for accessories and lots of accent pieces. This ginger and peach scented candle ($28, LONÉZ SCENTS), for example, will not only be nice to look at, but also give your closet a subtle aroma.

3. Install Hooks For Coats And Accessories

Set of 3 Dot Coat Hooks

On the wall of your closet, or the wall next to it, install stylish coat hooks ($16, CB2) for your jackets and accessories. Hooks can give your belts and wide-brimmed hats an accessible and designated home away from your basics. Plus, they can create an Instagram backdrop for your #OOTD posts.

4. Place Your Jewelry In A Unique Dish

Resin Rose Quartz and Gold Leaf Crystal Filled Hands

Catchall trays and jewelry dishes can act as statement pieces in your closet-turned-boutique. This filled hands dish ($40, Etsy), for example, can be an art piece and convenient spot to place your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings at the end of the day. It serves multiple purposes and looks good while doing so.

5. Store Your Shoes In A Rattan Basket

Large Woven Rattan Bin With Handles

When it comes to closet organization and styling, large rattan baskets ($40, KonMari) are the MVPs. They can store shoewear like sandals, sneakers, and flip flops, or accessories like sunglasses, belts, and baseball caps. You'll want to keep some on the shelf of your closet, and others on the floor for easy access.

6. Hang A Cute Mirror On The Wall

Peruvian Wall Mirror, 12 in.
Luna Sundara

You can't get dressed in the morning without a mirror, so it's necessary to hang one on the wall near your closet or even on the closet door. You could hang up a full-length mirror, or this moon-shaped mirror ($40, Luna Sundara). It's the right size for double-checking your accessories before starting your day.

7. Frame An Art Print That Makes You Feel Good

Poster girls, 8 x 10 in.

Many boutiques hang art prints or neon lights on the wall that make you feel good. They have catchy phrases or #inspo for a new, Vogue-inspired look. This print, titled "Poster girls", ($30, Etsy), will have the same effect. Frame it and put it beside your candle, favorite magazines, or a mood board.

8. Arrange Flowers In A Simple Vase

Ceramic Bud Vase
Lu France Interiors

Like art, flowers can be inspiring and calming. But, to add them to your personal boutique, you'll want to first buy a simple vase ($35, Lu France Interiors). For easy maintenance, arrange dried or fake flowers in the vase once it arrives at your doorstep. Of course, you could also swap out fresh flowers, but that comes at the risk of spilling water or petals on your clothes.

9. Give Your Closet Color With A Macrame Hanging

Pink Beaded Yarn Hoop Wall Hanging

To give your closet the same vibe as a boutique, you'll want to stick to as many neutral colors as possible. But, you can add a few pop of colors here and there, courtesy of a macrame wall hanging ($34, Etsy) or decorative book. This wall hanging will add some beautiful texture, in addition to color, to the space.

10. Organize Your Favorite Shoes On A Rack

Helga Wood Shoe Rack
Urban Outfitters

The floor of your closet is where chaos can really ensue. So, be sure to grab a shoe rack ($24, Urban Outfitters) for your shoes. When organizing the rack, keep only the shoes you wear often on it, along with any seasonal shoes you may need like boots or flip flops. Pack the others away in a bin or basket to make your closet feel like a real-life boutique.