Date and time: Wednesday, June 19, 2019 2:30 pm ET

Al Adamsen
Co-Founder and Executive Director at Insight222 and the PAFOW Community and Event Series

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People analytics used to be perceived as a “nice-to-have,” something that was endeavored once basic HR processes and technologies were in place. Now, however, in organizations both large and small, data-based insights into individual, team and organizational behavior have become an essential part of decision-making and strategy formulation—and this is not hyperbole. It is a truth that must be grasped by HR and business leaders in the age of data, AI and analytics.

At the end of the day, people-related insights are not generated and used by accident. There are processes and investments that need to occur for these insights to deliver ongoing value to leaders, managers, HR and employees.

In this webinar, Al Adamsen, co-founder and executive director at Insight222 and a regular presenter at the HR Technology Conference, will explore both proven models and emerging ideas intended to inspire necessary changes—often small nudges—that can bring people analytics out of the esoteric, “someday” category and into the present where the work is actually getting done and the associated value is actually realized. Participants will gain:

  • Insights into the data-to-change process;
  • An understanding of what’s necessary to build sustainable capability among HR business partners and other internal customers;
  • An appreciation for the ecosystem of work for people analytics, including roles, processes, technologies and governance; and
  • Ideas of how to advance your organization’s capability given its unique priorities and business readiness.

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