This week on the Legally Speaking Podcast, our host Robert Hanna welcomes Dennis Yu onto the show.

In an episode ideal for legal professionals with marketing responsibilities, Dennis explains how law firms can upgrade the productivity of their online advertising and content strategy.

It’s an important topic, with spend often misused on ineffective ads and poorly performing content. Dennis is the host of the CoachYu show, a digital marketing training firm that partners with schools to train young adults in the art of online advertising and content strategy.

Dennis pioneered the development of the area, having helped build the first websites for Cartier and Raytheon in the late 1990s.

He then became a VP of American Airlines in his early 20s, pioneering their online presence at the turn of the century. Following this, he went on to work at Yahoo before later becoming the CEO of BlitzMetrics.

As part of his role at Blitzmetrics, he’s spoken over 730 times in 7 countries, and has been featured on publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNN. In this episode he describes:

  • His work as a VP and Product Manager of American Airlines
  • How law firms should focus on Google My Business tools, not just their web presence, in terms of boosting their SEO and visibility
  • What remarketing is and how it can help your law practice generate leads
  • How spending just a dollar a day on ads can shape your strategy
  • How to move away from a ‘publisher mentality’ and boost the efficiency of your ad output
  • How to maximise reach from your social video content

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