Welp! Things are very cold here! And everything is awful! 2021 just won’t stop doing things — in this case, dumping a ton of ice on a bunch of places not structurally equipped to deal with ice or extreme cold! If you would like to be of service, Southwest Louisiana has been absolutely slammed by weather in the past few months, and this is a mutual aid organization that continues to supply aid to people who were hit by Hurricane Laura, and then Hurricane Zeta, and now this ice storm. So now here are some links!

What I learned in avalanche school, by Heidi Julavits. (link)

The “lunchbox moment” is a ubiquitous story for children of immigrants; Jaya Saxena explores the potential of its ubiquity to elide or flatten out food stories that don’t fit into this recognizable trope. (link)

Jess Krug posed as Black for years, until the whole house of cards collapsed last year. (link)

Surprising absolutely nobody, comedy has a white supremacy problem. (link)

I am truly extremely helped by these flashcards of the climate people on Biden’s climate team. (link)

Exciting news! You can enjoy a thing AND still critique it. Wow! (link)

“That’s the trouble with [Seth] Abramson’s interpretive threads. Pull on any one of them, and the whole tapestry unravels.” (link)

In the digital world, we encounter ghosts every day. (link)

Tessa Miller’s new memoir is frank about living with a chronic illness (Crohn’s disease) and avoids euphemism. (link)

“In answer to the question ‘whodunit?’, Clue says ‘who cares!'” I love Clue. (link)

“The shows certainly do gloss over the pain in the ass that is homeownership.” Roxane Gay on HGTV shows and what they say about our culture. (link)

Urban bobcats and coyotes are eating people’s pets! (link)

“This review is the product of empire.” On two new books about the British Empire. (link)

Historians of atrocities can be traumatized by the subjects they study, a genre of vicarious trauma that’s poorly understood. (link)

I don’t want to go to avalanche school! Not one little bit! Have a great weekend!

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