My name is Joe, and I'm...

  • getting paid to write code as a professional engineer in Silicon Valley

  • renting a nice two-bedroom house with a backyard

  • able to afford the best private education for my child

  • able to gift my partner with the time to work on her own business idea

  • humbly invested in a hard tech startup and cryptocurrencies

  • working for one of the fastest-growing enterprise software companies in the US

To most people's definition of capitalistic success, my life might be considered average (tangentially, that also indicates how wrong our perception of success has become). However, I had started with many combined disadvantages compared to what you would consider as the stereotypes:

Born in an English-speaking world

I was born to a middle working-class family in a vacation country called Thailand. I only came to the US about five years ago.

Educated in tech or related fields

I had no formal education in tech or any US education at all. The closest were night classes, a month at Recurse Center, and a few MOOCs. All for which I never had to pay a single dime.

A genius

I've never been a tech whiz kid or a rockstar. I'm more of an artist/writer/humanitarian character. I just really love writing and digging into how things work.

Worked or interned with big tech companies

I had portered in a restaurant, filled shelves for Trader's Joe, and almost got a job handing out flyers at a strip club.


I raised a family with my partner while doing all those things.

Ask Me Anything

My goal is to encourage people from different backgrounds to keep their chin up and celebrate their uniqueness. So, ask me anything about your tech career, life-long goals, obstacles, values, and just about anything under the sun. How can I help?