1. New Cloudfoundry with Spring support for Containers

Container networking — Network policies(Firewall Rules) as Code

By default, all Communication between Containers is Deny All.

$ cf allow-access visitor homeowner --protocol tcp --port 8080

The allow-access command sets up a network route from visitor to homeowner using a TCP protocol on port 8080. Once this network policy has been added successfully, the visitor application can communicate with the homeowner application. Using direct container networking with an IP address and port for the service application.

When we list the network policies we now see the following:

Ingress from Source (visitor)->(homeowner) Dest on Port 8080 is allowed

$ cf list-access
Source Destination Protocol Port
visitor homeowner tcp 8080

2) Docker volume mounting example

docker run -v $pwd\ProductLaunch:c:\src nginx:16
Source folder on host is mounted as C:\src inside the container

3) Ambassador built on Lyft Envoy L7 proxy, runs on Kubernetes as Ingress

Ambassador - Ambassador