In case you missed them, here are some articles from January of particular interest to R users. 

The Data Science Virtual Machine on Azure has been updated with the latest Microsoft R Server, and adds RStudio and JuliaPro.

A crowdsourced list of local R user groups and community events, maintained by Colin Gillespie.

Resources for searching R packages, now that CRAN has more than 10,000 of them.

An analysis of 2 decades of Kung Fu movies (with R code) by Jim Vallandingham.

New Zealand's Heartland Bank replaced SAS with Microsoft R Server.

A tutorial on creating a predictive model for the NYC Taxi dataset using the MicrosoftML package in Microsoft R Server.

A list of upcoming R conference and meetings.

The new book Text Mining with R by Julia Silge and David Robinson, also available free online.

A comprehensive guide to using Git and Github for R projects with RStudio, by Jenny Bryan.

Media reactions to the release of Microsoft R Server 9.

A survey by Forwards, the R Foundation taskforce, quantifies diversity in the R community.

A new R package distributes data (and some R code) behind many data journalism features at

A collection of Microsoft R Server tips from the customer support team.

R is being used to predict student performance in Australia and India.

A case study in data visualization design: NOAA's flood prediction chart.

StackOverflow has released a dataset of question-and-answer data, which several people have analyzed using R.

Several arguments for why R is the best data science language to learn today.

A tutorial on analyzing emotions in video, using R and the Microsoft Emotion API.

An introduction to the new remote R workspace feature of Microsoft R Server 9.

A roundup of the major news about R in 2016.

General interest stories (not related to R) in the past month included: rearranged continents, a collapsing bridgesatire for coders, and crafty photographer tricks.

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