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Indiana Wesleyan University Login

The Indiana Wesleyan University student portal login | IWU Portal at

IWU Portal

Education is part of the basic needs today and significant in getting the right career paths. However, landing to credited and legit Universities is quite a task. Students, especially those taking online programs, should ensure to get full background information about the institution. Indiana Wesleyan University is the best choice for millions of students from 1920 to date. The University has registered many students in different course programs. The University is a private evangelical Christian university with its headquarters in Marion, Indiana. It’s affiliated with the Wesleyan church, IWU ranks among the best private Universities in Indiana.

IWU Portal
IWU Portal

The IWU registers students for both online and regular programs; they are known for the certified degree and quality education.  The online program host more than 80,000 adults globally, making it easy for people to work and study.  The institution provides undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and doctorate. Since it’s a Christian based institution, it has more than 80 Christian denominations from ten foreign countries.

Indiana Wesleyan University Login

IWU student login portal: My IWU portal login is an exclusive login portal for students, faculty, and staff. It’s design to provide all education and University-related information and services.  Faculty, staff, and students in IWU can sign in to the portal using their login credentials.  From the account, you can view the latest notifications, your grades list of courses, work schedules for faculty and staff, payment information, etc. 

IWU student login process

  1. Visit the Indiana Wesleyan University website portal.
  2. The homepage will open enter your username and password on sections provided.
  3. Select the sign-in tab, which directs you to the account management page.
  4. The user can click on the option “keep me signed in” to help the browser remember your id for the next login process.
  5. Now you can access any service from the portal.

Forgot password

To access the IWU portal, one needs the login details if the students forget any of the information. They need to recover or reset a new password.

  1. Go to the official IWU website page, and on the homepage, select “forgot password.”
  2. The page will direct you to the IWU reset page, follow the instructions from the page.
  3. Click on the reset button, enter your username and select the continue button.
  4. Verify the details, then set your new password.
  5. Confirm the password, and once done, you can log in to the IWU student portal.

Services at the My IWU portal

Students have a variety of services from the IWU website portal. They can access the following details easily:

  • Students, faculty, and staff can check the IWU email account directly from the portal.
  • Start and access your online classes from the bright space.
  • Students can view their grades, transcripts, degree audit, class schedule, and your profile information.
  • Information about course offerings and description are display on the student portal.
  • All faculty announcements and University notifications are found on the portal. These make it easier for the student to learn about the University and all vital information online.
  • The library information is display on the portal.

Note that once you’re done with the portal, sign out of your account to avoid hacking and leakage to the wrong people.

The post Indiana Wesleyan University Login | IWU Student login Online Portal at appeared first on The Innovation Diaries 2020.