Windows Server 2008 R2 x 64

IIS 7.5

Wildcard SSL certficate used (*

Web Deploy 3.5

Visual Studio 2013


When trying to install Web Deploy on a web server, but  the “Web Management Service” WMSVC will not start which prevents the installation of Web Deploy.


At the very end of this post below, Mocksy describes a resolution which works to get the “Web Management Service ” WMSVC to start on a web server that has a wildcard SSL certificate installed.

Here are some additional details about the resolution with some screenshots on how to accomplish the tasks:

In IIS Manager, select the server and under Features / Management, select “Management Server” to make some configuration changes.


       Check “Enable remote connections” and select the wildcard SSL certificate.


Now, the start the “Web Management Service” WMSVC from the Actions on the right column.

Once WMSVC starts you can continue installing Web Deploy with the Web Platform Installer.


Search for “web deploy”,  then choose an option and “Add”.WebDeploy

Configure deployment for a website by right clicking on the website


More details …

Now, back in Visual Studio 2013, setting up my Publishing Profile for the website and “Validating Connection”, I run into  “The security was issued by (Provider)” “The security certificate presented by this server (sitecore_dev) was issued to a different server” “The certificate for sitecore_dev is out of date”:


This is where leave you, to find out how to resolve this next hurdle in deploying with Web Deploy.