InstManager is an Instagram client built in Nodejs, Expressjs, Mongodb, Angularjs, and other technologies.

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InstManager is an Instagram client created with the unique purpose of entertaining Instagram users by providing cool insights and usage statistics from their Instagram accounts. Users will be able to see which of their friends follow them back and will have the ability to follow and unfollow other users.


This application uses Nodejs, Expressjs, MongoDB, Angularjs, Lodash, and other technologies.


InstManager is running in SandBox mode, which means I must give you a valid key in order for you to try it. The reason why it is not running in its full version, is that unfortunately, Instagram didn't believe the uses cases I presented were a match to any of the three use cases they support. :(

You are still able to try it, though. Just send me a message and I'll whitelist your profile so you can login.


Although the application is already live at, only SandBox users can try InstManager. Send me an email to: if you'd like to give it a try.


A screencast was recorded and posted on my youtube channel at


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