If gamer-themed caffeine drinks are absolutely still a thing, then why not gamer gum?

It’s CES season, and it wouldn’t be the world’s biggest tech show without some truly dumb products. Caffeine-fuelled gum certainly makes a lot more sense than a taint bandaid, especially for keeping your calorie and sugar intake down. It’s a bit of a flex for a memory manufacturer to get into chewing gum though, although it’s not without surprise since the product was first teased when COVID kicked off.

This year, the product is apparently official. Anandtech are reporting that XPG are marketing is as “beneficial for eye health”, which sounds like it needs a dose of salt extreme enough that you’d probably end up with heart palpitations. The flavour profile, according to a global release, is “a refreshing and invigorating mint flavour”.

I have absolutely zero expectations for this, but on the other hand, I also haven’t done a Snacktaku column in a long while. And there’s a ton of “gamer” fuel/food/drinks that have popped up over the last couple of years, like the Aussie-made Legion Energy, X-Gamer, powdered energy drinks, and other weird arse gamer “supplements”. And about 400 billion versions of G-Fuel.

I still remember having one of the best/worst experiences with energy drinks playing Counter-Strike as a kid. So I’m … uh, not exactly excited for the prospect of trialling more heart-ruining drinks/powders/supplements. Then again, I also mix instant coffee into yoghurt and sometimes hot sauce, so maybe I am the target market for this stuff.

There’s no word on when XPG’s Gamer Gum will get a worldwide release, or for how much. Maybe there’ll be some for taste tests at Computex this year.

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