Invincible Season 2 Is The Show Getting Renewed After First Season

Invincible’s first season is coming to an end after eight amazing episodes, and fans want to know if the show will get renewed for Season 2. Well, we have everything you need to know about it.

Millions of fans loved watching the first season of Amazon Prime’s Invincible. The show is based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman, the same man who co-created The Walking Dead. It tells the story of Mark Grayson, the son of the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man.

What makes Invincible different from other superhero shows is the sheer brutality and gore. It’s safe to say that Invincible lands in the same category as The Boys. That’s why fans eagerly want the creators to renew the show for multiple seasons.

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Invincible – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Is Invincible Getting renewed for Season 2?

Fans would be delighted to know that both Amazon and Robert Kirkman have confirmed a Season 2 for Invincible. What’s even more exciting is that creators have also announced Invincible Season 3. So, our favorite superhero show is getting renewed for two more seasons.

Steven Yeun, the actor playing Mark Grayson, and Robert Kirkman, went on Twitter to give this amazing news to the fans.

In a separate statement, Robert Kirkman said, “I’m extremely thankful to Amazon for the support and dedication they’ve put behind Invincible.” After that, the writer went on to say, “We’re beyond excited to continue this story for at least two more seasons.”

Unfortunately, there’s no official release window for Invincible Season 2 as of yet. However, we’ll possibly get something on this in the coming months. Also, it’s safe to assume that if the upcoming Invincible seasons get the same amount of love from fans, Amazon will renew the show for multiple seasons.

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