Many iPhone enthusiasts have already started wondering what the iPhone 7 will look like when it is finally unveiled this coming year and they are dying to touch it.

While Apple rumors have proclaimed this device as the thinnest ever iPhone to be released, the phone is not expected until September 2016, latest reports reveal. Unlike 2015, the new 2016 is not an S year for iPhones; rather, it is that year when the company comes in with the next iteration of its flagships.

The latest reports suggest that Cupertino is planning to give its users a treat by rolling out one of the best ever, if not the best, smartphones ever. One standout feature that will highlight this new iPhone 7 is an all-metal design that features a display screen with no bezels. Furthermore, Apple is this time expected to better equip this phone with respect to water and dust.

New, sleeker looking iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 will with no doubt be sleeker in terms of looks thanks to some quite impressive features such as wireless charging, a Touch ID-baked screen as well as a missing 3.5mm headphone port.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6S this year, there were very few changes to the phone, among them the introduction of 3D Touch and Live Photos. Other than these, this phone was very similar to last year’s model, iPhone 6. As mentioned earlier, this was an S year and as usual with such a year, Apple just makes subtle changes to its main release before completely overhauling it the following year.

2016 is the year Apple is to overhaul its iPhone and it is also the year we get to see the new iPhone 7 – which means huge changes too. We may see a new design, new features as well as massive power added to the new gizmo. There is a rumor suggesting the company will install a glass-on-glass display screen to better the resolution of the iPhone 7 and make it a lot similar to what some of the latest Android flagships come with.

The camera is also expected to receive some tweaks when the new phone is released, despite receiving major boosts when iPhone 6S was unveiled, among them OIS and dual camera setup. In addition, this new device is rumored to be coming with an advanced multi-Force Touch feature and as a result, we may see it priced the same as the current iPhone 6S.

Performance-wise, Apple will equip the iPhone 7 with a hexa-core A10 chipset, which represents a huge improvement when compared to the dual-core A9 chipset found on the 6S models. On the other hand, there may not be any improvements in the RAM of the new device.

At the moment, Apple is not enjoying the best sales with the iPhone 6S as many think that it is just the same as the iPhone 6, if one leaves out the 3D Touch technology. It is basically for this reason the company is looking to completely overhaul the new iPhone 7 and bring in new technology, design, specs as well as features that make it different from its predecessors.

Do you expect Apple to add or remove anything to the new iPhone 7? Feel free to share your thoughts in the section below.

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