PS4 Jailbreak 2016

With the recent release of a Jailbreak for PS4 7.55 and below, people who are stuck with a more recent firmware, in particular the latest PS4 8.03, are wondering whether something is coming for them anytime soon.

The short answer is: No.

The longer answer is a bit more nuanced.

None of the active PS4 hackers have publicly hinted at any upcoming PS4 8.03 exploit recently. Although it’s pretty much guaranteed that some hackers and security researchers have access to private PS4 8.03 exploits or better, the chances for anything being released anytime soon are slim.

It doesn’t mean that you should entirely give up hope if you’re on PS4 8.03 though, but there are a few things you can do to help your future self, if you wish to see a Jailbreak for your PS4 8.03.

I’m on a PS4 8.03, how do I Jailbreak it?

So, to restate, there is no Jailbreak for PS4 8.03 right now, and absolutely no indication that one will be released anytime soon.

Is there a possibility to Downgrade my 8.03 PS4?

Long story short: no. Downgrades are possible on PS4, but involve some non trivial soldering skills, and, more importantly, they require you to have done a dump of your PS4’s system at the time it was still running firmware 7.55 or lower. For most people reaching this page, in general it’s too late. For all intents and purposes, consider that downgrading a PS4 is practically impossible today for most people.

So, what can PS4 8.03 owners do to prepare for a future exploit or Jailbreak?

Based on that, if you are on firmware 8.03, here are the options you have if you want a Jailbroken PS4:

  1. Keep your 8.03 PS4 for games, keep it up to date, and buy an additional PS4 for Jailbreaks, running 7.55 or lower. This is the easiest, but certainly not the cheapest, option. More generally, in today’s world, you’ll most likely want one device for official gaming and PSN access, and another one for homebrew anyway.
  2. Or, keep your 8.03 PS4 on a shelf, and do not update it. Eventually, a 8.03 Jailbreak will come. When this happens, the cycle will repeat: people who have upgraded to whatever is the latest firmware by then, will complain that nothing can be done for them.

There are no great answers for people stuck on a higher firmware who want to Jailbreak their PS4. Bottom line is, you either want to buy an exploitable PS4, or to keep your PS4 on a low firmware, and be patient. Firmware 7.55 was more than 6 months old when a Jailbreak for it was released. It wouldn’t be surprising to have to wait the same amount of time, if not longer, for another Jailbreak targeting higher firmwares. Stay tuned on our PS4 Jailbreak page for the latest on future PS4 exploits.

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