Mass Effect Legendary Edition Collectors Bundle

Mass Effect fans have finally had their wish fulfilled. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be releasing this upcoming May, and include all the mainline Mass Effect games, as well as every piece of DLC you could possibly want. But for such a huge release, some are going to want a bit more Mass Effect gear to fill up their shelves and display cabinets. That’s where the game’s cache bundle comes in. This collectors bundle includes everything except Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, although it does include a steel book for the game. However, is it worth it to pick up this $150 bundle of Mass Effect goodies?

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collectors bundle may not come with the game itself, but there are plenty of reasons to pick it up. First and foremost is a one-to-one scale N7 helmet. Specifically, it’s a replica of Commander Shepard’s breather helmet, and it’s even wearable. The helmet sports a carbon fiber finish and LED lights on its visor and sides. Naturally, you can switch these lights between blue or red to represent the game’s paragon or renegade choices. You will need a couple of AA batteries to get the helmet to light up, though.

Beyond that piece of gear, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collectors bundle comes with a heap of other goodies. Customers get a metal game case, although it should be noted that the bundle doesn’t actually include a copy of the game. For PC players especially, it’ll just be eye candy or something to sell off on eBay. Besides that, customers can look forward to an N7 acceptance letter. This message from Captain Anderson welcomes Shepard to the N7 corps, kicking off their grand story.

For those looking to show their love for Mass Effect without wearing a giant glowing helmet, the collectors bundle also includes a morality spinner pin. Its two sides are paragon and renegade, so you can let everyone know if they should be welcoming around you or on their toes. Finally, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition collectors bundle comes with two large canvas prints. One shows the SSV Normandy high above the Earth while another finally gives Fem Shep the recognition she deserves. She’s featured there in her N7 armor, sporting an Omni-blade.

In all, it’s hard to say that this bundle wouldn’t be worth it to a Mass Effect fan. While it’s a bit disappointing that this collectors edition doesn’t come with the game itself, its low price of just $150 is hard to scoff at. However, anyone looking to pick up one of these bundles should move fast, as they’re sure to sell out quickly.

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