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Hi all, many readers write in to ask for more languages in code to read section. I code primarily in Go, Ruby and Elixir so I have go extra efforts to cover other languages. If you know good code to read, please suggest by email me. Thank you Divyanshu Singh for letting me know about a bug on the site.

  • Securing Serverless: Attacking an AWS Account via a Lambda Function

    This is a hack challenge where the IAM run the lambda function has write access to S3 bucket of static side so they can be hack and overwrite S3 bucket. Try to run as much as thing in read only mode so even in those case, the damage is minimal.

  • EC2 Packets per Second: Guaranteed Throughput vs Best Effort

    The guaranteed limit for c5.large is 823,806 packets per second and the best effort is 994,007. Bluematador write Golang program to floods the network with UDP packets, and another thread to track packets sent on a second-by-second basis to find out EC2 limitations.

  • Writing Less Error-Prone Code

    A line of code you write in a codebase under active development may be read tens, hundreds or thousands of times. This line is likely to be adapted, moved and copied multiple times. How should we optimize for this reality of a living codebase?

  • Fear, trust and JavaScript: When types and functional programming fail

    Optional types, functional transformations, and immutability can all help to write better JavaScript. When pulling these ideas together, however, they come with severe trade-offs, work together poorly, and ultimately fail in the goal of effectively transferring trust from developers to code and tools.

  • Migrating Passenger from C++ to Go?

    Hongli Lai, Passenger creator, think C++ is hard to learn, scares away contributors, Fragmented ecosystem of libraries, too many event loop libs: libev, libuv, libevent, Asio… He plans to rewrite Core Controller HTTP, which needs to make exactly 1 C++ call. The overhead is The overhead is similar to 3x locking+unlocking a pthread mutex.

  • New York Times Open Source Simplifying Serverless Secrets

    NYT open source gcp-vault a new Go library that eases the use of HashiCorp’s Vault in the Google Cloud’s serverless solutions.

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