Cats are objectively the best animals of all time, and so I question the ethics of the upcoming Jasper's Rocket in sending everyone's favourite feline friends to the moon. That being said, piloting a spaceship around a satellite populated by monkeys sounds as fun as it is bizarre. Jasper's Rocket sets up the frankly ridiculous premise of attempting to navigate 'an alien moon orbiting a gas giant in a remote binary system while avoiding prowling flying saucers', and with some dynamic and atmospheric aesthetics, the game looks like it could stand out from the crowd of similar lunar-landing type games, and the developers are looking for beta testers on our forum if such a bananas concept appeals to you.

While there is no firm release date of when Jasper's Rocket will be blasting onto the App Store beyond a tentative 'ready to launch' assertion, with numerous interesting features such as weather conditions, dynamic lighting effects as well as a day-night cycle, and terrain that is generated as you go, the game looks well into flight and should hit both iPhone and Apple TV in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions or questions for the developers of Jasper's Rocket, or if you'd like to help beta test the game, be sure to swing by our forum thread for more cat worship, and information on the upcoming title.