Zero G updates InstallAnywhere

Version 7 of Zero G's multiplatform software deployment solution is now available. InstallAnywhere 7 includes support for numerous new platforms and technologies, including J2SE 5. In addition, Zero G has joined Computer Associates, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, NEC, and Sun Microsystems, among others, in developing a standard for expressing software installation characteristics required for lifecycle management in multiplatform environments. This new OASIS Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) committee will develop schemas to describe the characteristics of installable software units.

NetBeans 4.1 now available

The latest version of the NetBeans IDE includes support for J2SE 5.0, J2EE 1.4, and J2ME 2.0. Version 4.1 also features an integrated Ant-based project management system, an advanced code editor with built-in refactoring, and enhanced mobile development capabilities.

FusionWare enhances its integration server

The FusionWare Integration Server 3.0, now available from FusionWare, allows applications to be developed with existing infrastructure. The tool includes a multithreaded Java server, a Windows-based IDE, and an administrator for management operations.

FFE Software issues FirstSQL/J 3.00

FFE Software has released professional and enterprise editions of its FirstSQL/J product. Version 3.00 of the Java-based database management system includes database triggers implemented in Java, sequence keys, and constraint improvements.

Flux announces hosted service

Flux Corporation has made Flux Business Process Management (BPM) accessible over the Internet. For companies that create Java-based applications, Flux BPM Hosted Service performs document routing and authorizations within an organization, and to external customers and business partners.

JNode 2.0 now available

JNode (Java New Operating System Design Effort) is an open source Java operating system available for personal use. Version 2.0 supports J2SE 5, with the exception of annotations.

OrindaBuild generates Java code for Oracle database apps and Web services toolkits

Orinda Software has updated its Oracle source generator. OrindaBuild 5.0 examines Oracle's data dictionary and automatically generates the Java source code needed by Web services applications that use PL/SQL procedures and SQL statements to access Oracle databases.

Windward Studios adds new XML support to reporting engine

Windward Studios is now shipping Windward Reports 3.1, a J2EE/.Net reporting engine that uses Microsoft Word as a layout tool. Version 3.1 includes support for WordML, SpreadsheetML, and the standard .XLS format.

New open source search engine developed

Developers from the University of Illinois have released CodeCrawler, an open source code-searching technology. The Web-based search engine delivers ranked results for developers searching for source code components across local filesystems and Web-based code banks.

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