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The main duties of successful candidates concern Knowledge Management, which in the JRC encompasses in particular the collection, organisation, quality checking, validation, communication, sense-making and availability of science based data, information, tools and methods to support the development and implementation of EU policies.
This framework implies anticipating policy needs, mapping of knowledge gaps and suggesting research topics in support to the Commission's policy services.
Focus is given on developing common tools, best practice and platforms to facilitate knowledge management for policy.
Specific Competencies in:
Synthesising research
Participating in policymaking
Understanding research implications of policy makers needs
Communicating research results to policy makers
Communicating science to scientists (including publications)
Managing knowledge communities
Monitoring and evaluating the impact of research evidence on policymaking
Engaging with citizens and stakeholders
Data mining, evaluation and mapping
Statistical analysis
Digital communication, including web and social media
Communicating science to policymakers and the public (including visual communication, graphic design and storytelling techniques)
Events and meetings management
Project management
Life-cycle, market and technology value-chain analyses