Here are the top three articles we found interesting this week:

How to conditionally build an object in JavaScript with ES6

Moving user-generated data between sources often requires you to check if a field has values or not. You then build the output based on that. This is how you can use some of the ES6 features in JavaScript to do it more concisely.

Intuitively Understanding Convolutions for Deep Learning

Exploring the strong visual hierarchies that makes them work.

TypeScript Deep Dive

Here you can learn everything about TypeScript.

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We are adding new libraries to every week. Here is one worth checking out:


Lightweight JavaScript (ES6) tweening engine. The library is only 8.3 Kb (3Kb gzip). It uses optimization patterns to speed up & smooth animation. The library is written in ES6, compiled to ES5 for global browsers support and provides ES6 API.

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Source: Deep Learning on Medium