The JSF ecosystem continues to grow even after many years in a very competitive space. JSF 2.3 aims to keep the specification strong by addressing the needs of the community in the next few years and further beyond. The JSF 2.3 specification is now gearing up for it's first early draft. The intent is to publish the early draft by JavaOne 2015. If you have an interest in JSF 2.3, this is a perfect time to get involved in helping shape the draft. The items specification lead Ed Burns has in his mind at the bare minimum for inclusion into the early draft includes:

  • Multi-component validation.
  • Java SE 8 Date and Time support.
  • f:socket tag.
  • Option to render Ajax traffic using JSON.
  • Complete CDI alignment.
  • Any other open issues.

There are many ways for you to get involved as always. You are always welcome to join the expert group proper via the JCP page for the specification. You can always simply join the discussion by subscribing to the JSF 2.3 specification user alias. If you would rather participate as a group through your JUG you can do that easily via Adopt-a-JSR.