This spring, Dutch grocer Jumbo offers culinary connoisseurs a delicious three-course dinner for two on the table with the dinner boxes of two-star chef Soenil Bahadoer. The menu features refined dishes that perfectly match the style of the ‘Spicy Chef’. With delicious delicately spiced dishes, inspired by the rich Surinamese-Hindustani culture that belongs to his culinary roots. The well-stocked dinner boxes from Soenil Bahadoer are available for 35 euros at all Jumbo Food markets and Jumbo Ton Grimberg in Nuenen.

Jumbo and two-star chef Soenil want to make eating at star level easy and accessible to everyone. With the help of the dinner boxes, culinary connoisseurs can prepare a delicious dinner that they put on the table with a few small steps. The dishes can be prepared within 15 minutes and consist exclusively of pure and fresh ingredients. “Cooking is a feeling and passion. By cooking you make contact with the culture from which it comes through the products and ingredients. With these dinner boxes I hope to inspire as many people as possible to let the star chef emerge in himself ”, says Soenil. “Because developing your own style is ultimately the greatest gift for every chef.”

Enjoy at Michelin star level
The dinner boxes offer plenty of inspiration to serve a delicious three-course dinner with a Surinamese signature and pure ingredients. For example, the first box has as a starter Indian mackerel with bok choy, fennel, a touch of curry and Vadouvan dressing, followed by Teriyaki chicken thigh fillet, rice with lemon leaf and sereh in combination with Indian beans with bean sprouts and a little sambal. And after this delicious main course has been conjured up on the table, the ultimate ‘finishing touch’ follows: a delicious Apple-Pineapple Tulip, prepared from five spices with marinated pineapple. The second box also contains all the ingredients for a delicious dinner. To start with as a starter Tom Kha Kai with shiitake, marinated shrimp and kafir oil. Then the main course is Runderrendang with grilled white cabbage and Atjar,

Chef of the Year
With his restaurant De Lindehof, Soenil Bahadoer is in the Top 5 of Best Restaurants in the Netherlands. Last year, the Michelin two-star chef was named Chef of the Year by Gault Millau. In De Lindehof, the master chef takes his Surinamese-Hindustani roots to a two-star level. As a little boy, Soenil fell in love with his mother’s kitchen. He went through French school and even earned a Michelin star, but eventually returned to the Surinamese flavors, smells and intuition of his youth. Everything based on the simple, but tasteful cuisine of his mother, combined with classic French techniques.

To see how the master chef prepares these beautiful dishes himself, the preparation of the three courses can also be viewed on video. This is possible by scanning the QR code on the card in the dinner box. If desired, the dinner boxes can also be ordered in advance via an order form or by telephone at the food markets and Jumbo Ton Grimberg in Nuenen.