In September 2020, Kevin Smith was announced as executive producer and co-writer of a new animated Masters of the Universe: Revelation series for Netflix.

Games Radar states Smith is taking it a step further by publishing a four-issue prequel comic at Dark Horse with co-writers Rob David and Tim Sheridan. David is a former creative director and writer on DC’s Master of the Universe comics, and Sheridan is a writer on the show and has also worked in the comics industry.

Now that Masters of the Universe is over Dark Horse, DC no longer has the rights. Former DC writer Tim Seeley confirms this in his tweets.

The comics begins after an Orlax attack on the King, He-Man learns the creature and the sword of power are connected. To save the King, He-Man must confront Skeletor and Evil-Lyn to end their reign of chaos in the Kingdom. This prequel is a continuation of the animated series from the 1980s.

I was obsessed with the He-Man animated show growing up. and the Masters of the Universe movie from 1987 is one of my guilty pleasures. Kevin Smith is a great storyteller so let’s hope his vision for He-Man turns out to entertaining.

What do you think of the full cover art for Masters of the Universe: Revelation?

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