Kindle for Android 7.12 to Add Ember Bold Font Option e-Reading Software Kindle (platform) Several weeks back Amazon updated their Kindle iOS app with support for Amazon's own Ember Bold font, and now Amazon is about to do the same with their Kindle Android app.

A reader sent me an email this afternoon with the news that he just got an update for his Kindle Android app which added the Ember Bold font.

I can't get a copy of the latest version of the Kindle app to confirm, but I have found that Amazon released a new version of the app ( v7.12.0.59) on 22 May.

Google Play is still showing the changelog for the previous version of the app, and it's still sending out the previous version, but I am confident that the new version, with the Ember bold font option, will soon be widely available.

This font was originally released early last year, and Amazon recently added an all-bold version of the font to its Kindle iOS app.

That relatively minor change was deeply appreciated by virtually everyone with moderate vision impairment because it made the text much easier to read.

Soon Kindle Android users will enjoy the same benefit.

Thanks, Steve, for the tip!

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