KPMG in India is seeking to hire approximately 1000 digital professionals skilled in various domains like cloud, AI, cybersecurity, data engineering, business intelligence and domain specialisation.

According to the news media, these positions are open across the north, west, and southern regions of the country, where the company is looking for professionals with two years of experience to seasoned individuals with 15-18 years of experience.

Speaking about this initiative, Akhilesh Tuteja, the Partner and Head, Digital Consulting at KPMG in India, stated to the media that considering the transformative value propositions had generated an astounding response in the market; it is currently hiring to manage all those large-scale transformation projects. 

Explain further, Tuteja said, that these projects require year-long investments in the effort, resources, and technology implementations, thus requiring experienced professionals to power these projects. “We plan to hire several thousand people in the coming years to help us address the growing demand and scope of these engagements.”

Over the years, the digital transformations have gone beyond migrating processes to ERPs and CRMs to more adoption of the Internet and new-age technologies such as cloud, AI, cybersecurity, intelligent automation. With such advancements, businesses are looking to transform their operations, keeping customers at the centre of innovation, leading to increased demand for new skills in the market.

KPMG has been focused on building business-led transformation projects driven by artificial intelligence and other such technologies. Therefore, there has been a massive need for skilled professionals who will know about working on modern technology like AI, data science and cybersecurity.

The company is currently seeking multi-generational individuals passionate about digital technologies irrespective of gender, background, industry, work experience, have the capability and eagerness to learn. The initiative will also create an opportunity for women looking to re-start their career and the ones laid off amid the pandemic.

With its growing business, KPMG also has further plans to hire several thousand people in the coming years in order to grow its team by a factor of three in the next three years — comprising 30% freshers, 50% experienced and 20% senior executives.

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