A few days ago we mentioned a new PS Vita homebrew contest is currently running. Kyuhen lets you submit PS Vita homebrew games or tools, with 4 categories you can enter. The contest started with $455 in prizes, but that number has now climbed to more than $1000, according to the contest’s ko-fi page. This is thanks to the many anonymous folks on the scene contributing with donations.

You have until end of May to submit your entry, so this leaves you a little less than 2 months to submit your homebrew.

With more than $1000 in prizes, this makes it one of the largest Homebrew competitions for the Vita ever, on par with the 2015 Revitalize homebrew competition. So here’s to hoping we’ll get some cool homebrew out of this.

For details on the rules, judging, etc… please check our initial announcement here, or the official site here. Please note that Wololo.net is a sponsor of the contest but we are not directly involved with the organization, so direct any questions, etc… to the official site.

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