Final Fantasy 11's longevity continues to surprise. The MMORPG was originally released in 2002, but remains played by audiences around the world 18 years later. Part of what's led to Final Fantasy 11 still being live is that Square Enix continues to put out new content for it. 2021 continues that legacy, as Square Enix has already revealed that it will be releasing new content in both January and February. Odds are, this won't be the last content update for Final Fantasy 11 in 2021, or even in future years.

Square Enix's content update plans for January and February will be substantial, too. To start, Final Fantasy 11 players will be returning to Sheol, as new Odyssey content will be rolled out through February. Players will be tasked to defeat Notorious Monsters under strict conditions, which they'll be rewarded points for. These points can then be spent on upgrading gear. The participation requirements are extreme, however, including having 3 jobs already level 99, 3 Mogolophone 2s, and a complete Records of Eminence Objective: Content - Odyssey - Sheol C.

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The next part of the update is some brand new Final Fantasy 11 story content. Starting in February, Square Enix will be continuing the Voracious Resurgence scenario. It'll start in San d'Oria and all that Square Enix is teasing is a screenshot of Rahal dancing. Several new Notorious Monsters will also be released in February, as well as new gear for lockstyling.

As far as content updates go, it may not be as substantial as what's being routinely released for Final Fantasy 14, but it's way more than should be expected for an 18-year-old game. Story content as well as endgame content continues to be provided for Final Fantasy 11 players, and shows no sign of stopping.

Final Fantasy 11 is available now on PC.

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