LeBron James Instagram Police Escort LeBron James Instagram Police Escort Post Now Under Investigation

LeBron James was escorted by a police officer to a Jay Z and Justin Timblelake concert in Miami and now his Instagram posted video from the incident is under investigation.

The officer in question escorted LeBron and his posse down the wrong side of a highway in order to avoid heavy traffic.

LeBron received grief from thousands of internet users who found it disrespectful that he used taxpayer dollars to get to a concert faster.

Here is the video LeBron posted along with the caption “They treat us so well! Needed it cause traffic was nuts!!”

LeBron James has more than 3.5 million Instagram followers which meant controversy was almost guaranteed. However, the controversy quickly jumped offline.

According to reports the officer responsible for the unauthorized escort caused a “break from protocol” that is now being investigated.

Miami-Dade and four other local law enforcement agencies claim the vehicle isn’t there’s, although LeBron James would have traveled through Miami-Dade jurisdiction.

LeBron James isn’t likely to face charges since he merely accepted the police escort.

We still don’t know if LeBron requested the police escort or if it was offered to him.