Kate Stanley came out to her family as a lesbian when she was 18. First, her parents. Then, her siblings. Then, aunts and uncles on her mom’s side and finally her dad’s side of the family.

“My parents were amazing,” she told Bored Panda. “My siblings didn’t bat an eyelash. My aunts and uncles on my mom’s side took it in stride. My dad’s side of the family didn’t say much of anything at the time.”

“Since I’ve come out and been open, it seems that even the family members who disagree with my sexuality would rather make small comments, like paper cuts, rather than have a conversation with me. It’s a feeling in the air more than words burned into my skin.”

However, Kate got engaged recently and thought she’d have the conversation with her family that needs to be had. One way or the other. When she announced the big news on her social media, Kate made it clear that she won’t give in to the fear of getting condemned by others. Instead, she’ll celebrate love with all her heart. Kate’s brave and beautiful words instantly went viral, with many people congratulating the happy couple.

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Image credits: katy.stanley.31

Kate met her fiancée at work, actually. “When I first [saw] her, I thought she was married with kids so it was a true surprise that she was not only single, without kids, but also a lesbian,” she explained.

They gradually started talking. “It was like winning the lottery. When I was with her, there was always a sense of familiarity. Things fit so effortlessly and naturally. We didn’t go on dates, really. We simply just started existing together. There are so many moments of realization for me but I think what makes her ‘the one’ for me isn’t one moment but every morning, waking up to the realization that I choose her. I choose her every day. I choose her over any and all things. I will keep choosing her and that’s the easiest decision of the day for me.”

Image credits: katy.stanley.31

Image credits: katy.stanley.31

After her post went viral, Kate wrote an update on the situation

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“Very honestly, I’ve heard absolutely nothing from my family members in regards to my engagement,” Kate said. “It doesn’t surprise me much that I haven’t heard anything. I’ve been living my truth unapologetically for six years now and I think most people are well aware of my tendency to be as bold and fearless as I am stubborn.”

Kate and Brooke haven’t made any plans for the wedding yet. “For the entirety of our relationship, Brooke told me she didn’t want a wedding and by the time she proposed, I was convinced I had no reason to plan a wedding! So now, I’m engaged to the most wonderful woman with absolutely NO plans in action for marrying her! I have no Pinterest board that I’ve been perfectly curating since our second date, locked and loaded, ready to put into place so for the meantime, we are enjoying the moment and happiness of being engaged. We are planning on starting our journey of becoming a family in the new year and I think that has taken precedent in both of our minds for the time being.”

People were really happy for the couple

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