We don’t often shop at Lidl but when we do, we spend some time prowling the aisles to find unusual things we cannot find in our usual supermarket. My husband heads for the food and I head for the tissues, cotton pads and toiletries. After I have finished there I look at the clothes and equipment. My favourite sports bras and cardigan came from there. Stock changes regularly and you need to have a scratch to find things. Luckily it is not crowded at that end so it is easy to self-distance.

Lidl was in the news in Sweden this week for their limited edition sneakers, sold on the 19th and the 20th November only, for £17/€14. So many immediately resold them for up to $6000. I am not sure why they were so appealing as I don’t imagine they would last long, and I don’t find them appealing. But I guess the young hip things know their market. To me it looks like part of a supermarket uniform. But sneakerheads probably wear them ironically. Lidl sneakers have sold out in hours (sometimes minutes), all over Europe so there must be something about them. Medium magazine has several theories which you can read here