#247 - Week of July 30, 2017

Great Red Spot Eats Earth! video - [epic space, video]
And more images from Juno Mission - [NASA, Jupiter]
Walden: totally different, SLOW computer game - [what an idea]
The Cutest Thing in the Parking Lot - [awww photo]
Detroit by Air: Photographs by Alex S. MacLean - [urban]
Prehistory of AI: Frolicsome Engines - [retrotech]
1650 Hydraulic Organ, complete with dancing skeleton - [engraving]
Magnets and the Floating Idol at Konark Temple in India - [interesting]
ClearAudio Statement v2 Turntable - [awesome pics]
Most Expensive Turntables in the World - [audio info]
Palm Leaf Art of Orissa - [proposed]
Some of the meanest storms in Alberta - [time-lapse video]
The Value of Money Around the World - [infographic]
Great Angle of Jet Contrails - [wow video]
Highly Recommended: The Birth of Synthesizer - [listen in full]
Indian Wiring Nightmare - [wow pic]
Want to Transcribe Rare Magical Manuscripts on Your Lunch Break? - [yes]
World's first holographic media machine - [tech info]
Unfold your house ANYWHERE - [Facebook video]
Unique Modern Architecture: Coolest Homes in the UK - [overview]
Women's fashion in every year from 1784-1970 - [retro cool]
Rare Video Shows Mysterious Legless Lizard - [weird]
Cross-linguistic onomatopoeias - [sounds, useful?]
Tornado peels off a roof, like a dance - [wow video]
Giant Pyrosome and Salps: Almost Alien-like - [wow nature]
Baby Hjolster: here is an idea - [fun pic]
Truly the weirdest car ever made - [fun pic]
"The Wizard of Oz", the original version 1910 - [wow video]
Bugatti Chiron: How The Fastest Car In The World Is Made - [video]
Learn the Cockney accent with Jason Statham - [fun video]
"They'll never find me in here..." - [fun video]