You’ve probably noticed that your LiquidPlanner Timesheet has a new look. Here’s what’s going on: We’ve streamlined the design to help you organize and filter your timesheet according to your needs.

Instead of seeing a long list of task items on your timesheet, this updated functionality lets you choose what and how you see work you’ve tracked time to. And there’s a nifty new in-app review feature. Read on for details.

Here are the three new Timesheets upgrades:


Grouping tasks on your timesheet

The new Grouping menu lets you choose how you want to see your Timesheet tasks organized. You can group your Timesheet items by Project, Custom Fields, Client and more. Once you select a grouping, you’ll be able to collapse and expand each group of tasks. Some options, like grouping by Project, will also show you subtotals so that you can easily see how many total hours you’ve worked on a project so far this week. These sorting options help you access the information you need faster—and you can easily change your view as you wish.

new timesheet grouping
Filtering by date

What exactly have you done today, or this week? This new filter-by-date feature lets you zoom in on just the tasks you’ve tracked time to for a specific day or week. Simply click on the hours listed beneath the timesheet date or week to see a list of associated tasks. (Click a second time to return to your regular view.)  It’s a quick way to assess where you’ve been spending your time, or to review your timesheet before submitting it.

In-app review feedback

The new in-app review feature lets managers send message requests to team members that appear at the top of their Timesheet. Feedback should be timesheet-related (“Don’t forget to submit your hours” or “Why did you only track time for two days?”). The message remains on the member’s timesheet until the manager removes it.

A lot of these upgrades were made because our customers were asking for a more orderly way to access and review their timesheet items. Now you have more control and contextual relevance over how you use your timesheets and what you see. For more Timesheet details see this help article. And continue sending us your feedback!

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