List All File(s) and Directory(s) With Color Highlighting

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List Files in a Directory

lf is a simple, and fast file/directory lister with color hightlighting, file permision and file links!


There are several ways to install lf, you can:

Install from source:

First, download the source code:

Using git:

git clone https://github.com/WestleyR/list-files.git

Or downloading the tarball:

wget https://github.com/WestleyR/list-files/archive/master.tar.gz

Then checkout, and compile the source code:

cd lf/

# Checkout to a stable version *only if you downloaded with git* (optional)
git checkout v1.5.3

make test # optional, it only takes a second
sudo make install

You can also install to a specified prefix; like your home dir: (default: usr/local)

$ make install PREFIX=${HOME}/.local

NOTE: Check for the latest release on the release page

Install via brew:

First, you will need to add my tap:

$ brew tap WestleyR/core

Then, you can install like normal:

$ brew install list-files

Install via gpack (beta)

$ gpack install WestleyR/list-files


$ ./lf 
-rwx r-xr-x  westleyk  westleyk  22.7 KB  lf
-rw- r--r--  westleyk  westleyk  1.7 KB   tests-funcs
-rw- r--r--  westleyk  westleyk  1.8 KB   Makefile
drwx r-xr-x  westleyk  westleyk  4.0 KB   src
-rw- r--r--  westleyk  westleyk  2.4 KB   checksum.ssum
drwx r-xr-x  westleyk  westleyk  4.0 KB   deps
drwx r-xr-x  westleyk  westleyk  4.0 KB   tests
-rw- r--r--  westleyk  westleyk  1.1 KB   run-tests
-rw- r--r--  westleyk  westleyk  601 B    clib.json
-rw- r--r--  westleyk  westleyk  2.0 KB   README.md
-rw- r--r--  westleyk  westleyk  1.6 KB   LICENSE


As of v1.4.1, list-files also offers a list-files-utils functions. You can use them in your own project by copying all but main-list-files.c from src to your own src or deps directory. Or if you are using clib, add this to your clib.json or package.json:

"dependencies": {
  "WestleyR/list-files": "v1.5.3"

NOTE: be sure to check the latest release.


The Clear BSD License

Copyright (c) 2019-2020 WestleyR
All rights reserved.

See the LICENSE file for more details.